Midnight Train (Subscription)

Midnight Train (Subscription)

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Origin: Organic Mexico H/G Chiapas - FAIR TRADE, Brazil: Condado, Honduras SHG Cerro Azul E/P(GP)

Tasting notes: Red Apple, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Cola

Process: Washed and Natural 

Roast: Dark

We’ve taken our next coffee by train into the night, the midnight!

Midnight Train Blend is our feature dark roast. We draw its name from the B&O railroad that has changed history throughout this country. From acting as transportation of goods and services, presidents and assistance during the civil war. 

This blend is carefully dark roasted to ensure we maintain the delicate flavors the coffee offers. Its a very aromatic coffee that highlights full flavors of red apple, brown sugar, molasses and cola. It will be great for espresso, used for cold brew or served with your favorite milk.