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Inzu No Sabane - Black History Month Blend

Inzu No Sabane - Black History Month Blend

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Sales of this year's BHM Blend support BLK ASS UNIVERSITY, an initiative of BLK ASS FLEA MKT prioritizing creativity, community & lasting economic empowerment for local Black artists, makers & businesses.

Roast: Light/Medium

Process: Natural/Washed

Tasting Notes: Berries, Black Tea, Cocoa, Vanilla

Brew Method: Pour Over, Filter

Blend Components: 55% Rwanda Kigoma Horizon 151, 45% Ethiopia Guji Hambala Deri Kidame Grade 1

“Inzu No Sabane” means Family and Fellowship in Kinyarwanda which is the national language of Rwanda. Family is the anchor that grounds us in the stormy seas of life, a sanctuary of love and support where we find solace, joy, and unwavering acceptance. It transcends blood ties, encompassing those who choose to stand by us through thick and thin. Fellowship is the art of forging connections that go beyond mere association, creating a harmonious symphony of shared values, support, and camaraderie. It's a beacon of warmth in the journey of life, where individuals come together to uplift, encourage, and inspire one another.

We celebrate BHM 2024 by reminding ourselves that we are not solitary travelers, but interconnected souls on a shared expedition, where the joy of companionship transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.



BLK ASS FLEA MKT (BAFM) represents a unique and innovative initiative that serves as a curated event studio and marketplace, fostering the empowerment of Black creatives not only in Baltimore but also extending its impact beyond geographical boundaries. We provide a platform for Black-owned businesses to thrive, celebrate Black culture, and create lasting economic empowerment. Our mission is deeply rooted in the creation of a cultural movement that aspires to establish a Black utopia, focusing on the centering and illumination of Black joy as a powerful and intentional form of resistance, reclamation, and restoration.

BAFM is more than just a marketplace; it is a community-driven platform that seeks to provide opportunities for Black entrepreneurs and artists to showcase their talents, amplify their voices, and contribute to the cultural and economic growth of their communities. By curating events that celebrate Black creativity, resilience, and joy, we aim to create a space where individuals can connect, collaborate, and thrive.

Welcome to BLK ASS UNIVERSITY, where education meets entertainment, and success is the ultimate goal! Established in 2023, our innovative approach to learning is a direct response to the needs and desires of our community. Through extensive surveys conducted over 15 months and across 100+ events, we listened to our tribe.

At BLK ASS UNIVERSITY, we believe in education that resonates with our people. We've crafted a curriculum that speaks in our voices, pulsates with our energy, and feels like home. Our unique teaching style is what we proudly call "edutainment" – a fusion of education and entertainment that keeps the joy alive in learning.

Whether on a journey towards elevation of business or entrepreneurship, or overall lifestyle, BLK ASS FLEA MKT is a world where learning is dynamic, engaging, and tailored to the people! We are rewriting the rules of education and giving folks the opportunity to create success in their unique way.

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