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Snapchill™ Cold Brew Cans (4-Pack) - Rwanda Intango Washing Station

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We partnered with the team at Elemental Beverage to transform one of our favorite single origins into a tasty, ready-to-drink cold brew. Using their patented Snapchill™ process, the coffee is brewed hot to develop the best possible flavor then instantly chilled to capture the coffee's nuanced flavors and freshness.

Cans are shelf stable for extended freshness - perfect for storing all year long without need for refrigeration. Grab a pack of this juicy cold brew and make every season cold brew season!


Station Owner/Producer: Intango Washing Station

Tasting Notes: Ruby Red Grapefruit, Cane Sugar, Pineapple

Process: Natural

Roast: Light

Brew Method: Filter

Country: Rwanda

Province: Western Province

District: Karongi

Zone: Gishyita

Town: Musasa

Village: Kibaya

Altitude: 1563M

Farmers: 500 Small Holder Farmers

Washing Station Name: Intango Washing Station

Intango is a Kinyarwanda word that signifies a beginning, a communal sharing space which for us means a central location from which farmers, staff, and community start as they grow and change their lives positively together. Intango has a commitment to the highest quality standards which have resulted in exceptional coffees. Beyond our quest for quality, we have programs that focus on social impact for the smallholder farmers we work with mainly through best agronomical practices.