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Kigoma Horizon 151

Kigoma Horizon 151

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Roast: Light

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Red Grape, Vanilla

Brew Method: Pour Over, Filter

Origin: Kigoma, Rwanda

Not far from sister stations Bwenda and Gitega Hills is the Horizon Washing Station, found in the neighboring Kigoma sector. The site is just 20km from Huye Mountain and nearby to the small town of Simbi. Horizon must be one of the most beautiful sites in the Southern Province. The tiny 3-hectare area sits long in the valley with steep slopes surrounding it. Pineapples grow on the verges and avocado trees line the walk down to the site. It sits at 1680 meters but the farms surrounding the station are much higher up, closer to 2000 meters. 1200 farmers contribute cherry to the station from farms within 2km from the site.

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